All-American and National Champs

2019Jake EvansUWW Cadet Freestyle Nationals80 kg/176 lbs6th Place
2019Mick BurnettUWW Cadet Freestyle Nationals60 kg/132.2 lbs7th Place
2019Jake EvansFLO-Nationals UWW Cadet Pan Am Freestyle Nationals80 kg/176 lbs5th Place
2018Jake EvansUSA-Wrestling Pre-Season Nationals170 lbsNational Champ
2018Nate BurnettUSA-Wrestling Pre-Season Nationals120 lbsNational Runner-up
2018Mick BurnettCadet Freestyle Nationals126 lbsNational Runner-up
2018Jordan CraceUSA-Wrestling Junior Freestyle National Duals138 lbsAll Tournament Team
2018Jordan CraceNHSCA National Duals145 lbsAll-American
2018Jordan CraceJunior Freestyle Nationals138 lbs6th place
2018Farouq MuhammedUWW Junior Greco-Roman Nationals72kg/158.7 lbs5th place
2018Colin NoelJunior Freestyle Nationals100 lbs6th place
2018Brendon FentonWrestling USA Magazine120 lbsAll-American Team
2018Brendon FentonNHSCA National Duals132 lbsAll-American
2018Ben DarmstadtNCAA D1 Nationals197 lbs6th Place
2018Nate BurnettUSA-Wrestling Pre-Season Nationals 9th/10th Grade Division120 lbs Runner-up
2018Jake EvansUSA-Wrestling Pre-Season Nationals 9th/10th Grade Division170 lbsChampion
2017Mick BurnettCadet National Freestyle Duals120 lbsAll-Tournament Team
2017Mick BurnettCadet Freestyle Nationals120 lbs6th place
2017Kevin VoughWrestling USA MagazineHWTAll-American Team
2017Kevin VoughAsics All-American TeamHWTHonorable Mention
2017Josh BreedingNHSCA High School National Duals132 lbsAll-American
2017Dylan ShawverCadet National Freestyle Duals113 lbsAll-Tournament Team
2017Dylan ShawverCadet Freestyle Nationals113 lbs5th place
2017Ben DarmstadtUWW Junior Greco-Roman World Team Trials97 kg/213 lbs4th Place
2017Ben DarmstadtUWW Junior Freestyle Open97 kg/213 lbs7th place
2017Ben DarmstadtUniversity Freestyle Nationals97 kg/213 lbs3rd Place
2016Taylor WorkmanNWCA Club Nationals165 lbs4th place
2016Mick BurnettUSA-Wrestling Pre-Season Nationals 9th/10th Division106 lbsNational Champion
2016Mick BurnettAsics Kids Schoolboy Freestyle Nationals105 lbsNational Champion
2016Kevin VoughUSA-Wrestling Pre-Season Nationals 11th/12 DivisionHwt.National Champion
2016Kevin VoughAsics All-American285 lbsHonorable Mention
2016Dylan ShawverCadet Greco-Roman/Freestyle National Duals106 lbsAll Tournament Team in both styles
2016Dylan ShawverCadet Freestyle Nationals106 lbs4th place
2016Ben DarmstadtWrestling USA Magazine195 lbsAll-American Team
2016Ben DarmstadtJunior Greco-Roman/Freestyle National Duals195 lbsAll Tournament Team in both Styles
2016Ben DarmstadtJunior Freestyle Nationals195 lbsNational Champion and Outstanding Wrestler
2016Ben DarmstadtAsics All-American195 lbsHonorable Mention
2015Kevin VoughUWW Cadet Greco-Roman and Freestyle Nationals125 kg/275 lbsNational Champion
2015Kevin VoughJunior Greco-Roman/Freestyle National Duals285 lbsAll Tournament Team in both styles
2015Kevin VoughJunior Freestyle Nationals285 lbsNational Runner-up
2015Kevin VoughFlo-Nationals285 lbs3rd place
2015Kevin VoughAsics All-American285 lbsHonorable Mention
2015Jaymone WhitakerUSA-Wrestling Schoolboy Greco-Roman and Freestyle National Duals190 lbsAll-American in both styles
2015Danny MitcheffU.S Open Freestyle Nationals57 kg/ 125.7 lbs6th place
2015Ben DarmstadtJunior Freestyle Nationals182 lbs4th place
2015Ben DarmstadtAsics All-American182 lbsHonorable Mention
2014Kevin VoughFlo-Nationals285 lbsChampion
2014Kevin VoughFila-Cadet Greco-Roman Nationals125 Kg/ 275 lbs4th place
2014Kevin VoughFila-Cadet Freestyle Nationals125 Kg/ 275 lbsNational Runner-up
2014Kevin VoughCadet Greco-Roman/Freestyle National Duals285 lbsAll Tournament team both styles
2014Kevin VoughCadet Greco-Roman Nationals285 lbsNational Champion
2014Kevin VoughCadet Freestyle Nationals285 lbs3rd place
2014Danny MitcheffUS Open Freestyle Nationals57 kg/ 125.7 lbs3rd place
2014Ben DarmstadtCadet Greco-Roman/Freestyle National Duals160 lbsAll Tournament team both styles
2014Ben DarmstadtCadet Freestyle Nationals160 lbs3rd place
2013Danny MitcheffU.S Open Freestyle Nationals60 kg/132 lbs5th place
2013Armando TorresJunior National Freestyle All-American113 lbs7th place
2011Danny MitcheffU.S World Freestyle Team Trials55 kg/ 121 lbs4th place
2011Danny MitcheffU.S Open Freestyle Nationals55 kilos/121 lbs3rd place
2010Matt CanonNuway National Duals All-American119 lbs
2010Jason GottFlo-Nationals All-American189 Lbs8th Place
2010Danny MitcheffU.S. Open Freestyle Nationals55kg/121 lbs4th Place
2010Danny MitcheffNCAA D1 Kent State University133 lbs6th place
2010Armando TorresCadet National Freestyle All-American91 lbs8th place.
2009Matt CanonFila-Cadet Freestyle Nationals All-American50 kilos/110 lbs6th place
2009Danny MitcheffUniversity Freestyle Nationals All-American60 kilos/ 132 lbs6th place
2008Steve MitcheffWrestling USA High School All-American112 lbsHonorable Mention
2008Ryan NelisseAAU Junior Olympic Freestyle215 lbsSilver Medal
2008Mitch FadenholzFila-Cadet Freestyle Nationals All-American85 kilos/187.25 lbs6th Place
2008Danny MitcheffUniversity Nationals Freestyle Nationals All-American60 kilos/132 lbs6th place
2008Chase ChurchillAAU Junior Olympic Freestyle152 lbsSilver Medal
2008Andrew PerezUS Senior University Nationals in Greco-Roman55 kilos/121lbs8th Place
2008Andrew PerezUniversity Nationals in Greco-Roman60 kilos/132lbs4th Place
2007Steve MitcheffJunior National Freestyle All-American112 lbs4th place
2007Steve MitcheffFila-Cadet Freestyle Nationals All-American50 kilos/110 lbsNational Runner-up
2006Steve MitcheffAsics All-American103 lbsHonorable Mention
2006Johnny PycraftWrestling USA High School All-American152 lbs.
2006Johnny PycraftJunior National Greco-Roman Nationals All-American160 lbs5th place
2005Johnny PycraftHigh School Juniors145 lbs7th place
2005Danny MitcheffWrestling USA High School All-American119 lbs.
2005Danny MitcheffJunior National Freestyle All-American125 lbs3rd place
1992Jeff LyonsNCAA D1 Indiana University142 lbs5th place
1992Ed BennettJunior National Greco-Roman All-American165 lbs5th place
1990Jeff LyonsNCAA D1 Indiana University142 lbs.6th place
1990Douglas MerrillCadet National Greco-Roman All-American154 lbs5th place
1989Kevin HigginsNCAA D3 Baldwin-Wallace (OH) NCAA Division III177 lbs.National Champion
1986Darren CannonLakeland Community College - NJCAA150 lbs.National Champion
1984Darren CannonLakeland Community College - NJCAA150 lbs4th place
1979John McNultyPan Am Games Greco-Roman136 lbsBronze Medal
1978John McNultyAAU Freestyle Junior Worlds134 lbsChampion
1968Wilbur LewisLorain County Community College - NJCAA137 Lbs.3rd Place